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  Welcome to SWISS FLOWER POWER in Zurich.

We are a small company in Switzerland, who produces flower essences according to Dr. "you know who".

All flowers are being chosen and picked in the country side of Switzerland by a Naturopath. The essences are all conserved in an apple/pear liquore.
All the flowers chosen have to be free of any pollution.
The essences are only produced in sunny weather when clouds are not able to disturb the procedure. If there are any disturbance during the production, of clouds or if the shadow of a person covers the Essence, then we pour the Essence away and proceed to make a new once in that same year, however, occasionally we have to wait for the following year in order to maintain the high standards of our Essences. Regardless of the fact that producing our Essences is time consuming and labour intensive, we are pleased to be able to do so under such optimal conditions. We expect to continue with this enjoyable task of producingg Essences of the highest quality and as pure as possible for many years to come.

We wish you success with the Swiss Flower Essences prepared strictly in accordance with Dr. "you know who"